Practical Advice: Christa Shoreman

Stock up on water for your gardens with Christa Shoreman’s tips.

black and white head shot of Christa Shoreman in blue circle


Rainwater Reservoir

Hook up a rain barrel to collect water. You’ll be amazed at how fast a barrel can fill up during a storm and provide water for containers or vegetables that require more than flowers.


Shower Saver

Collect the water you run while waiting for your shower to warm up. Between two people, you may have upward of five gallons in a day or two you can use.


Ice, Ice, Baby

Don’t throw out the ice from beverages you’ve consumed on a summer day. Let it get to room temperature, and you’ve got water for your plants.


Dehumidifier Dump

If you have a dehumidifier at home, you probably have a removable reservoir.


Produce Potential

As long as it doesn’t have detergent in it, the water you use to rinse vegetables or fruit in your sink is a great source.


Kiddie Corner

Save the water from children’s pools for your plants.



Christa Shoreman is a Penn State master gardener coordinator for Lancaster County, Pa.