Practical Advice: Barbara Rolls

Fill up on fewer calories with these tips.

Barbara Rolls

Soup’s on

A bowl of broth- or potato- based soup before a meal can fill you up with fewer calories.


An Apple a Meal

Our studies have shown that eating a whole apple at the start of a meal reduces caloric intake by 20%.


Leeway for Legumes

Add legumes—kidney beans, black beans, lentils—to soups for a filling main course rich in fiber and protein.


Mushrooms for Meat

Mushrooms—portobellos have good flavor—provide the satisfaction of meat but with reduced calories.


Sunshine on a Plate

Bulk up your pasta dishes with those beautiful yellow and orange winter vegetables. You get what looks like a bigger portion but with fewer calories.


Get your Pie Fix

My favorite winter dessert is pumpkin pie filling without the crust. Make it like a pudding using low-fat milk, and have some graham crackers on the side.


Barbara Rolls, director of the Laboratory for the Study of Human Ingestive Behavior, developed the Volumetrics diet plan.