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Better (very) late than never, the Penn Stater has finally found its way online.

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There’s a decent chance you’re reading these words on your phone, tablet, or laptop, which is about the most unremarkable thing anyone could do in the year 2021. For us, though, it’s kind of a big deal: A mere 111 years after The Penn State Alumni Quarterly debuted as the Penn State Alumni Association’s first official publication, and a little more than three decades since the invention of the World Wide Web, your alumni magazine is finally online.

This announcement comes with a mix of pride and sheepishness, the latter because it’s sort of unbelievable that we weren’t online already. I offer no excuses, but I can try to explain. For starters, we’ve been fortunate to have the resources to put out a well-regarded print magazine that generations of alumni have gotten attached to. There’s also the fact that the magazine is a benefit of association membership, meaning we can’t just throw the whole thing online for everyone to see. For those and a few other reasons, the Penn Stater just never quite made it onto the web.

For at least as many reasons, we’re excited to be there—or here, if you’re an early adopter—now. We know that more and more of you prefer to do your reading online, and we often hear from members who’d like to share articles with family or friends. We also know that many of our youngest alumni have never been print readers, and we want to make sure they don’t miss out. Last summer, we partnered with Brunello, a Boston-based design firm, to build a site that will give alumni association members full access to the current issue, as well as to the magazine’s archives, while non-members will be able to access limited content. You’ll also find bonus content on the site: extended Q&As, features we couldn’t fit into the print magazine, and maybe even one of these podcasts we’ve been hearing about.

And to answer the question we get most often when the website comes up: No, the print magazine isn’t going anywhere. We hope you’ll continue to look forward to us landing in your mailbox every two months, and bookmark pennstatermag.com to stay connected every day in between. See you there.

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