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When we launched the magazine website last year—once we were sure, as former editor Tina Hay ’83 Bus used to joke, that this whole internet thing wasn’t just some passing fad—our first priority was building an online home for our print magazine content. But we also promised to use our digital presence to give Alumni Association members something extra: more stories, and more chances to share your Penn State memories. It took us a minute, but we’re finally delivering.

First, we’ve got expanded content from the pages of our November/December issue. Penn State wrestling fans excited to see a Q&A with returning national champ Max Dean on p. 34 can find an expanded version of his conversation with associate editor Jeff Rice ’03 Com online. The same goes for our feature on alumni artists, a group that’s far bigger and more accomplished than almost anyone outside the School of Visual Arts probably appreciates. I had a great conversation with Brian Alfred ’97 A&A, the Brooklyn-based artist, podcaster, and author who’s also a professor in the program that trained him, about SoVA’s status as a hidden gem in fine arts education. And there’s a fun and informative story on the history of the Nittany Lion mascot that managing editor Robyn Rydzy ’95 Com pulled from our Sept./Oct. 1977 issue, part of an effort to expand the “From the Archives” feature that appears each issue in Association News.

And that’s just the start. The features listed at right mark our first foray into web exclusives, stories that because of timing or space constraints we simply couldn’t get into print. If you’re not already, you should follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with all our new and archival content, and to ensure you don’t miss the chance to reminisce on your time on campus—we promise more chances to do that, too.

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Ryan Jones '95 Com | Editor | Twitter: @RJPennStater