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Get a Piece of Paterno

JoePa's tie up for auctionWhen it comes to gifts for men, neckties have been the ol’ cliché standby since the dawn of time. But this particular necktie may be an exception.

It’s the one JoePa wore on the day of his 400th career win, and it’s one of several pieces of Paterno memorabilia being auctioned to benefit Penn State Public Broadcasting. Bidding begins next Wednesday, Feb. 9, and items will be awarded to the highest bidders at WPSU’s annual Connoisseur’s dinner the following Saturday night, Feb. 12.

Don’t expect this piece of Penn State history to come cheap. Last year, JoePa’s signature glasses sold for a whopping $9,000 to a Baltimore-area couple who called the iconic specs a “bargain.”

The starting bid on the autographed necktie? $1250.

To browse the items up for auction or to place a bid, check out WPSU’s website here.

Mary Murphy, associate editor

February 4, 2011 at 7:43 pm Leave a comment

Couple Says $9,000 for JoePa’s Glasses Was a Bargain

By now you’ve probably heard that Joe Paterno’s glasses, which were auctioned off over the weekend to benefit WPSU, went for a whopping $9,000. What you might not know is this: The winning couple, Kevin and Michelle Coppola, were prepared to pay up to $10,150.

“I think anybody who went to Penn State would totally understand,” Michelle ’04 told The Baltimore Sun. “What better thing to have than [Paterno’s] glasses? That’s part of his iconic image.”

The Coppolas will add the glasses to their stash of memorabilia, which includes helmets, jerseys, and a couple of Wheaties boxes autographed by Paterno. Kevin ’03 said,  “When we finally buy a house, we’ll have a pretty cool sports basement.”

You can get all the details in this story from the Sun.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

February 23, 2010 at 5:42 pm Leave a comment

So That’s Why Paterno Donated His Glasses

Sure, Joe Paterno has a history of helping good causes, and I imagine that’s why he donated a pair of his glasses to be auctioned off at WPSU’s Connoisseur’s Dinner and Auction. But it turns out that there might be another reason: He doesn’t need them anymore.

Paterno and his wife, Sue, were honored Thursday for their work with the Centre County Volunteers in Medicine 2010 Boston Marathon Challenge, and during the event, Paterno mentioned that he had undergone surgery to correct his vision. According to this story from Fight on State, Paterno had been having trouble reading for a few months, and his long-time eye doctor said he could fix the problem completely.

I can’t imagine Paterno without his glasses, and it turns out I’m not the only one. It feels odd to Paterno, too. “When I don’t wear ’em, and I put on a sweater, I reach to take the glasses off and I don’t have them on,” he said. So he had a pair made with thinner lenses.

If you’re nostalgic for the Coke-bottle lenses, you’ve got until Feb. 17 to bid on the pair he donated. The high bid so far: $5,050.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

February 11, 2010 at 5:29 pm 1 comment

For Sale (Really): Joe Paterno’s Glasses

So you’ve got your blue-and-white replica jersey. Some sweatshirts or T-shirts from various bowl games. Something with a football player’s autograph—a program, or perhaps a football or helmet. Maybe even a Stand-Up Joe. So what other Penn State football memorabilia could you possibly need?

How about Joe Paterno’s eyeglasses?

Turns out, they’re available. Joe and Sue Paterno, long-time supporters of Penn State Public Broadcasting, have donated a pair of Joe’s trademark glasses to be auctioned off at the 18th annual Connoisseur’s Dinner and Auction. All proceeds benefit WPSU, which has had a rough year. And Joe even autographed the glasses—right across the prescription lens.

You’ll need to open your checkbook; the previous items Paterno donated to the auction didn’t go cheap. In 2006, the winning bid for the tie he wore in the Orange Bowl was $2,500. In 2007, he donated two pairs of socks, and each one went for $1,050. A pair of shoes brought $1,350 in 2008, and last year, a framed pair of autographed, khaki pants went for $3,100.

In the past (and for the rest of this auction), you need to attend the dinner to bid. But for this unique item, bidding will be opened up nationwide. Bidding on the WPSU Web site will run Feb. 1 through noon on Feb. 17, and the winner will be able to determine a maximum amount for a proxy bid at the dinner, Feb. 20.

To bid on any of the other items, you need to attend the dinner. (You can find details on tickets and other information here.) But there’s something there that could be of interest for more thrifty Penn State fans—the tie Paterno wore for the Capital One Bowl, autographed.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

January 27, 2010 at 4:09 pm 3 comments

More Buzz For “Back From Iraq”

The Associated Press today has a story on “Back From Iraq: The Veterans’ Stories Project,” a combined effort of the English department and WPSU offered as an undergraduate class last fall. The class gave Iraq war veterans a chance to tell their stories through video and Web technology. It’s compelling stuff; you can meet some of the students and watch some of their work here.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

January 18, 2010 at 4:51 pm Leave a comment

Nittany Lion Documentary Makes Debut

As if the super-cool ESPN Magazine feature on the Nittany Lion weren’t enough, here comes another in-depth look at the mascot, Heart of the Lion. The documentary, which will premiere at 8 tonight on WPSU (Channel 3 in State College), traces the mascot’s history back to 1939 and follows eight students as they try out for the role. Jerry Sawyer, who produced the documentary for Penn State Public Broadcasting, says in this media release, “It was such a great experience to work on putting this show together, and a real treat to meet 15 of the former mascots and see how very humble and Penn State proud they all still are.”

The Alumni Association was the lead sponsor for the production of Heart of the Lion. If you miss the show tonight, the documentary will air again throughout the winter. Check your local listings for more information.

Lori Shontz, senior editor

December 3, 2009 at 2:05 pm Leave a comment

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