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The Penn Stater Daily — Oct. 8, 2013

From news to features, your daily dose of everything Penn State

Precious medal: Some cool news for fans of legendary punk rocker Patti Smith: She’s this year’s recipient of the Penn State Institute for the Arts and Humanities‘ Medal for Distinguished Achievement. “An Evening with Patti Smith” is slated for Oct. 15 at Eisenhower Auditorium; Smith will accept the award and perform. For tickets ($15 for students, $35 for general admission), call 1-800-ARTS-TIX.

Autism news: A new study by a team of Penn State researchers may change the direction of autism research. Led by life sciences faculty member Scott Selleck, the team discovered that duplications of sections of DNA are more common in people with autism—and more duplications are associated with more severe autism symptoms. These genetic changes are also responsible for other problems, like digestive issues, that often accompany autism, says Selleck in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “I don’t think autism is only caused by changes in genes that are exclusive to the nervous system, because developmental biology doesn’t work that way.”

Plame speak: Former CIA agent turned author Valerie Plame ’85 is racking up good reviews for her debut fiction novel, Blowback, released earlier this month. In an interview with The Daily BeastPlame talks about government surveillance, “scary” nuclear scenarios, and finding love in the CIA. She also reveals that Blowback’s main character, CIA officer Vanessa Pierson, is not (surprise, surprise) entirely fictional.

Hockey state of mind: After months (years?) of anticipation, the men’s hockey team kicks off its inaugural season in just four days. This article from yesterday’s Patriot-News takes a look at how Penn State hockey’s debut will impact the state of Pennsylvania — namely, an entire generation of PA kids who, on Friday, may be exposed to college hockey for the first time.

LOL for SNL: Is it just me, or has Saturday Night Live been really funny lately? Last week’s premiere earned many a solid chuckle in my household, and the latest episode’s take on Miley-gate was spot on. In yesterday’s Daily Collegian, Penn State alumnus and SNL director Don Roy King ’69 offered some behind-the-scenes tidbits, detailing what it takes to put each show together. Says King: “We go on air at 11:30 p.m. and it just sort of flies and remarkably seems to never crash.”

Have a cow: Oh, and for absolutely no reason at all, here’s an adorable baby cow, born yesterday afternoon in the Penn State Dairy Barns.

Via @penn_state on Twitter

Via Twitter @penn_state

Mary Murphy, associate editor

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The Penn Stater Daily — Sept. 19, 2013

From news to features, your daily dose of everything Penn State.

A healthy decision: Penn State has reversed course on its plans to fine faculty and staff who don’t provide personal health information and submit to screenings as part of the university’s new wellness plan. The story had become national news in recent weeks as faculty members and outside health care experts weighed in; the university’s decision to suspend a $100 monthly fine for noncompliance with the plan made the front page of the Business section of Thursday’s New York Times.

Shining light on dark matter: A Penn State research team believes it has discovered the origins of genomic dark matter. The findings, (more…)

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Coming Soon: Naomi Watts as Valerie Plame

Summit Entertainment has just released the trailer for the upcoming movie Fair Game, based on the book of the same name by Penn State’s most famous former CIA spy, Valerie Plame ’85. The film, which stars Naomi Watts as Plame and Sean Penn as her husband, Joe Wilson, played to good reviews at the Cannes film festival in May. Judging from the trailer, director Doug Liman has turned Plame’s story into something of a thriller.

Fair Game will hit theaters Nov. 5.

Tina Hay, editor

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‘Fair Game’ Premieres at Cannes

Ken Regan/Summit Entertaiment

Fair Game, the new movie based on the book by ex-CIA spy Valerie Plame ’85, debuted at the Cannes International Film Festival this week. Naomi Watts, known for her roles in King Kong and The Ring, stars as Plame, while Academy Award winner Sean Penn plays her husband, Joe Wilson.

Plame received national attention in 2003 when Washington Post columnist Robert Novak revealed that she was a CIA operative, which led to a grand jury investigation involving Lewis “Scooter” Libby (chief of staff for then-vice president Dick Cheney). Plame published a memoir titled Fair Game in late 2007, and she was our cover story in the Jan./Feb. 2008 issue of The Penn Stater.

The film, helmed by Bourne Identity director Doug Liman, was the only U.S. film premiering at Cannes this year. It “received solid reviews, but most critics agree that it broke no new ground, cinematically or politically,” reports. The New York Times says the film was “greeted with solid applause and a smattering of boos after its first press screening” and had “an enjoyable opening hour before disintegrating into melodramatic hooey.” The New York Post, on a brighter note, reports that “Naomi Watts and Sean Penn are being tipped for Oscar nods.”

Fair Game has another Penn State connection besides Plame: Ty Burrell ’97, star of ABC’s Modern Family, also appears in the film.

No word yet on when the movie will hit U.S. theatres, but you can check out a clip below.

Amy Guyer, associate editor

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A Fabulous Time-Waster

The Alumni Association's own John Black ’62.

The Alumni Association’s own John Black ’62.

This could be one of the best Penn State-related time-sinks ever. The University Libraries today officially launched the new online La Vie project: All of the old yearbooks from 1890 through 2000 have been scanned so that you can view them online. Just go to, find the year you’re interested in, and browse away.

[Update as of Oct. 14: The link has moved. Try here instead.]

I’ve already located the senior photos for our senior editor, Ryan Jones ’95, our class notes editor, Julie Nelson ’86, and longtime Football Letter editor John Black ’62 (shown here). And it’s not just the senior portraits that are online—it’s the entire contents of the yearbooks.

The interface takes some getting used to—I can zoom in, for example, but haven’t yet figured out how to zoom back out. But some evening when I have nothing better to do, I plan to waste a few hours on the couch with my laptop, looking up famous Penn State alums—from Lydell Mitchell ’72 to Jonathan Frakes ’74 to Valerie Plame ’85. The possibilities are endless.

Tina Hay, editor

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