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The Best Alumni Magazines in the Country

Stanford Magazine, one of my favorites—and a gold medal winner this year

Stanford Magazine, one of my favorites—and a gold medal winner this year

You may remember that two years ago we were named the top alumni magazine in the country—we won the “grand gold” from our national professional group, called the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, or CASE.

The grand gold is better known as the Sibley Award, and it’s what pretty much every alumni magazine editor dreams of winning someday.

Last year we won a gold, though not the Sibley—that went to the very fine Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. But we were very happy with our gold, happy to again be considered one of the best alumni magazines in the country.

This year? We didn’t win a danged thing.

(Well, not in the overall magazines category anyway. We did win two golds in CASE’s “Best Articles of the Year” category, but more about that another time.)

Carleton club sports cover

The Carleton College Voice, consistently one of the best alumni magazines in the country

CASE recently announced this year’s winners in College and University General Interest Magazines, as the category is called, and while we’re of course disappointed not to be among them, it’s very much a deserving bunch. I thought you might be interested in seeing what the really good alumni magazines across the nation are, in the eyes of this year’s judges.

Gold (one of these will get chosen next week to win the Sibley Award):

Kenyon College Alumni Bulletin
In Touch (King’s College London)
Princeton Alumni Weekly
Stanford Magazine

The alumni mag of the Fashion Institute of Technology is gorgeous.

The alumni mag of the Fashion Institute of Technology is gorgeous.


Hue (Fashion Institute of Technology)
Middlebury Magazine
Suffolk Alumni Magazine (Suffolk University)
Notre Dame Magazine


Carleton College Voice
Columbia Magazine (Columbia University)
Dartmouth Alumni Magazine
Duke Magazine
Pomona College Magazine
Smith Alumnae Magazine

We get a lot of these magazines at the office, and it’s hard to argue with the judges—these are great magazines. I love the Stanford and Carleton magazines especially—when they come in the mail, I drop what I’m doing to take a look, and inevitably there’s something in there that makes me say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That often happens with the Kenyon, Dartmouth, and Middlebury magazines too. Notre Dame’s magazine is very thoughtful and writerly, while Hue is visually stunning; I’m glad to see that the judges appreciated both.

There are a few magazines on the list here that I’m not as familiar with, and that’s part of the value of the awards competition—we’ll contact the editors of those magazines and see if we can get on their mailing list (and offer to send them The Penn Stater in exchange). A few months from now, we’ll gain access to the judges’ reports, and that can be educational as well.

And, of course, there’s always next year….

Tina Hay, editor

May 29, 2009 at 2:25 pm 1 comment

Gary Eberle’s Funky Truck

img00032-eberle-truckMy friend Elaine Keller ’68, who is rapidly becoming my top source of blog fodder, passes along this photo from friends who are currently vacationing in California’s wine country. One of the spots they visited is a respected winery owned by former Penn State football player Gary Eberle ’67. The friends report:

“We are in Paso Robles heading into our third winery—Eberle—and see this funky truck painted blue and white with ‘Penn State Forever’ painted on the front. After a few glasses of wine, Gary Eberle comes out from back and we start asking him about the truck. He played defensive tackle for Papa Joe, and is going to the Rose Bowl. We had to buy a few bottles of vino from him!!!”

As a side note, you may remember that The Penn Stater won the Sibley Award as the best alumni magazine in the country in 2007. It’s customary for the editor of the Sibley-winning magazine to send a bottle of wine to the editor of the following year’s Sibley winner, so when the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine won the 2008 Sibley, I sent editor Sean Plottner a bottle of 2007 Estate Chardonnay from the Eberle winery. Sean reported that it was excellent.

Tina Hay, editor

December 20, 2008 at 8:00 am 4 comments

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