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Peetz, Erickson Answer Questions from Alumni Council

Six months after the Sandusky scandal broke, there are still questions. Lots of them. And, as Penn State president Rodney Erickson told Alumni Council, “There may be some questions we’ll never have answers for.”

That said, Erickson and Karen Peetz, chair of the Board of Trustees, answered as many as they could Friday afternoon from members of Alumni Council. They touched on everything from the relationship between the trustees and the president (something they agreed is not well enough understood) to what Peetz called “the super-positive of the enduring spirit of Penn Staters.” And they fielded several questions about Joe Paterno, including one that’s been asked at just about every opportunity: When and how will Penn State honor its late football coach?

Peetz said, as she has previously, that Penn State must wait until the Freeh report, more formally known as the findings of the trustees’ special investigations task force, before moving forward on plans to honor Paterno. She called the upcoming report “the ultimate in transparency.”

Former FBI director Louis Freeh was hired by the trustees just weeks after the scandal and charged with looking into all of the issues surrounding the scandal since. His findings—which Peetz said will not be edited by the board—are expected in August or September.

The task force does not have subpoena power. But Peetz said she spoke with Freeh’s investigators for three hours, that more than 200 people have been interviewed, and that Freeh is working with the state attorney general. “These people are not kidding around,” she said. “This is the FBI incarnate, and I don’t think anyone’s lying, I’ll tell you that.” (more…)

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Ag Sci Dean Bruce McPheron: “Don’t Confuse a Bad Job with a Hard Job”

When I walked up to the Ag Administration building in early July to interview Bruce McPheron, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences, I knew I’d be speaking with someone who has a very difficult job. The cut in the University’s state appropriation has hit Ag particularly hard; it has a different funding model, and the college is having to make some painful cuts.

McPheron couldn’t have been more gracious. We had room to print only excerpts from the interview in our September/October issue—which should be arriving in your mailbox shortly, if it’s not already there—so I’ve transcribed the interview and posted the bulk of it here. I learned a lot about how Ag Science is coping with the cuts and how the college is reshaping itself. I hope you will, too.

The end of our interview was particularly striking. After spending a half-hour discussing all of the issues McPheron has to deal with, I asked, “And you wanted to be the dean?” McPheron said plenty of faculty have told him he’s got the worst job on campus, but he responds, “Don’t confuse a bad job with a hard job.” He said he has a “great” job—even though he calls it “the hardest job I’ve ever had.”

Lori Shontz, senior editor

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The Students Have an Idea

Penn State student leaders have come up with an interesting and ambitious idea for helping Gov. Corbett and the state legislature understand what would happen if the University’s state funding were to be cut in half, as the governor proposed earlier this week.

They’re organizing a project in which students, faculty, staff, and others can record short videos talking in personal terms about how the budget cut would affect them. The idea is to hear from people all over the Commonwealth, and the videos will be uploaded to YouTube as well as delivered to various legislators. You can read more about the project in this article from the Daily Collegian.

Tina Hay, editor

March 11, 2011 at 6:06 pm 2 comments

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