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We Could Get Used to the Gulet Life

Our “Legendary Turkey” trip has taken us to some fine hotels in some great cities—Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya—but we also enjoyed four nights on a yacht just off Turkey’s southern coast.

The coastline is along the Mediterranean and is sometimes called the Turkish Riviera; it’s also known as the Turquoise Coast, and you can see why in these photos.

So after two nights based in Izmir, which is on the western (Aegean) coast, we drove south to the seaside town of Göcek, where we got on board a handmade wooden yacht called a gulet (pronounced “ghoul-ett”). Actually our Penn State group was split across two gulets, since there were too many of us to fit on one.

The gulets are designed to be (more…)

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Tina Almost Buys a Turkish Carpet


One of the approximately 24 zillion activities listed on our Legendary Turkey itinerary was a minor mention that, on the day we left Izmir and began heading south to Göcek, we would make a stop at a carpet factory to see how Turkish carpets are made. I didn’t give it much thought, but the excursion proved to be one of the most memorable activities—and almost the most expensive activity on the trip for me.

Turkish-CarpetsTurkish carpets are spectacularly beautiful, and learning about how they are made was fascinating—way more interesting than I think any of us expected. At the carpet factory in the village of Çamlik, we met some of the young women who make the carpets by hand, and watched as they did their work. We also met some of the silkworms that produce the silk and saw how their cocoons get turned into silk threads. And we saw some of the dyes: a cauldron of simmering (more…)

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