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Whoopie Pies Get Their 15 Minutes of Fame

Contributing editor Chas Brua called my attention to this story in today’s New York Times about the resurgence in popularity of whoopie pies, a treat that we Pennsylvanians have known about forever but which is lately gaining national appeal.

I remember when these were 12 cents!

I remember when these were 12 cents!

Like many people who grew up in western Pennsylvania, I call them “gobs.” I grew up eating the version shown here, made by the former Harris Boyer Bakery, now called Yost’s Dutch Maid Bakery, in Johnstown. When I was a kid, you could buy these everywhere—I even have a memory of buying them at the concessions table at Somerset High School basketball games for 12 cents. (It’s weird the stuff you remember.) They’re still sold today, though not anywhere around State College that I know of. When I have occasion to drive to Pittsburgh, I’ll sometimes stop at the Giant Eagle in Ebensburg and get one.

We also have a gob recipe in our family. I haven’t made them in, like, 962 years. For one thing, they have a lot of calories. And they’re also a production to make—you have to make (and bake) the cake part, then mix up the icing, then assemble the gobs, then wrap each finished gob in wax paper. But if anyone’s interested, I’ll dig the recipe up and post it. Let me know.

Tina Hay, editor

March 18, 2009 at 12:27 pm 27 comments

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