Laurie Anne Stanell, Ballot Position No. 17

StanellLaurie Anne Stanell ’80 Sci

Laurie Anne Stanell D.M.D.
Holicong, Pa.

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1. Describe how you think the relationship between the Board of Trustees and the university president should function.

According to the University Charter, the Board of Trustees has complete responsibility for the government and welfare of the University including students, faculty and staff. The relationship between the Board and the President of the University was established in the Charter. Authority and day to day management and control of the University and establishment of policies and procedures for education and other operations at Penn State are delegated to the President either by delegation or consultation with the faculty and students in accordance with the general directives of the Board of Trustees The Board must rely on the judgment and decisions of those who operate under its authority. The Board must be continually aware of the operations at the University so they should continually receive and consider thorough and forthright reports about the University, from the President or those designated directly by the President. The Board of Trustees has the continuing obligation to require information or answers on any University matter with which the Board is concerned. The Board shall also assist the President in the development of effective relationships between the University and the various agencies in Pennsylvania and the United States which provide the University with assistance and direction.

2. What would you do to help heal the university community and to assist the university as it continues to recover from the Sandusky scandal?

In order to help heal the University community, and assist the University as we begin to recover from the Sandusky scandal, I will help facilitate the following actions, As many believe, there was an erroneous rush to judgment on 11/9/11 (approximately 80 percent+ of alumni are upset with how the University administration and Board handled the Sandusky scandal). Also, overall monetary donations to the University have dropped by approximately 30 percent and our Beaver Stadium is rarely full to capacity. We must look at what happened during and before and after November 2011 and address the concerns of these alumni to the find the truth, whatever the truth is, in order to repair the bond between alumni, students, faculty and administration. I will not lobby the alumni or University to just move ahead ignoring the past. Fiscally it is irresponsible for our University to try to “move on” until this huge injury to our University’s reputation and the reputation of those accused in lieu of the SANDUSKY scandal (not Penn State scandal) have been scrutinized deeper and hidden evidence released. Only then can the healing, repair and finally recovery take place.

3. What, in your view, are the major fiscal challenges Penn State will face over the next three years—and how should the university address them?

Over the next three years, we at Penn State must continue to address the erosion of allegiance, both financially and emotionally, of the alumni towards the University. This erosion has had a large negative impact on our University. We must address this erosion and methodically and thoroughly correct it to the best of our abilities. Compounding our personal University issues, these are challenging times for all institutes of higher education. Higher education is facing global, national and state recession. Recession has brought a myriad of challenges to Penn State. Shifting demographics, rising operational costs, a changing competitive landscape, reductions in state appropriations, pressures for accountability and widespread economic downturn is our current environment, and these pressures clearly necessitate change. Penn State must continue its Dare to Be Bold educational thinking. We must find new ways to improve teaching and learning, advance creativity and discovery, and serve our various constituents in the best ways possible, while becoming a more efficient and effective institution. Our priorities must be set on an ongoing pursuit of excellence. We must balance current fiscal conditions with a positive attitude towards the future, all with a plan of sustainability.

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