Joshua D. Fulmer, Ballot Position No. 10

FulmerJoshua D. Fulmer ’01 Lib

Lauer and Fulmer P.C.
Easton, Pa.

Read Fulmer’s official bio and position statement here. (PDF download.)

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1. Describe how you think the relationship between the Board of Trustees and the university president should function.

I believe it is vitally important for the Board and the president to have a close working relationship. The lines of communication must be open and constant in order for the board members to stay involved and informed. Despite that communication, I believe that the individual Trustees need to be engaged and involved with students, alumni, and faculty to learn their needs and concerns and independently verify the information provided the President.

2. What would you do to help heal the university community and to assist the university as it continues to recover from the Sandusky scandal?

I believe the board has an obligation to carefully review the actions of past administrators and the board, both before and after the Sandusky scandal became public, in order determine where mistakes were made. We can not move forward without learning from our mistakes and finding a way to ensure we do not repeat them. Only after a sober evaluation of the facts can we heal and move forward together.

3. What, in your view, are the major fiscal challenges Penn State will face over the next three years—and how should the university address them?

A shrinking state contribution will continue make it difficult to provide Pennsylvania residents with a world-class, affordable education. This must be our primary responsibility to our students, and will be the main criteria that guides every decision I make. The University must find ways to cut costs while still providing the best possible college experience.

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