Board of Trustees Election 2014

old_main_3_questionsWe started our Three Questions project in 2012 because we believe it is important that alumni have as much information as possible about the candidates running for alumni seats on the Board of Trustees. In this, our third year, we’ve asked the following questions, which we hope will help alumni better understand where the candidates stand on some of the major issues and challenges facing Penn State:

1. Describe how you think the relationship between the Board of Trustees and the university president should function.

2. What would you do to help heal the university community and to assist the university as it continues to recover from the Sandusky scandal?

3. What, in your view, are the major fiscal challenges Penn State will face over the next three years—and how should the university address them?

All 31 of the candidates responded. You can find their answers to the questions—along with additional biographical information and links to the candidates’ official biographies and position statements—by clicking on the candidates’ names below. (They are listed in ballot order.) You can also browse responses by question by clicking on each of the questions above.

We’ve also got links to social media sites for each candidate who provided them. Keep in mind that for Facebook and LinkedIn sites, you may need to be logged in yourself to get to a candidate’s page.

Note that while Jesse Arnelle’s name will appear on the ballot, there will be no option to vote for him. He withdrew after the ballot positions were determined, and he remains on the ballot so that everyone else’s ballot number did not need to be changed.

Voting starts Thursday, April 10, and runs through 9 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time Thursday, May 8. All alumni with an email address on file with the university should receive an email with voting credentials. To request a ballot, visit

1. Ted J. Sebastianelli

2. Ned Rauch-Mannino

3. Daniel N. Cocco

4. Gavin Keirans

5. Ryan Bagwell

6. Robert G. Milnes III

7. Jason P. Kutulakis

8. George A. Weigand

9. Amy L. Williams

10. Joshua D. Fulmer

11. Edward J. Kabala

12. Joel N. Myers

13. Ricardo Azziz

14. Jennifer E. Bird-Pollan

15. John J. Graham

16. Vincent J. “V.J.” Tedesco III

17. Laurie Anne Stanell

18. Julie Harris McHugh

19. Christine Stempka Rhoads

20. H. Jesse Arnelle: WITHDREW

21. Matthew W. Schuyler

22. Albert L. Lord

23. Keith Bierly

24. R. Seth Williams

25. Robert J. Bowsher

26. Rudolph Karl Glocker

27. Alice W. Pope

28. Robert C. Jubelirer

29. Brian M. Rutter

30. Allen L. Soyster

31. Robert Hooper

32. Art Greenwald


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  • 2. Jason Kutulakis  |  April 4, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Many thanks for providing this opportunity to provide information to the general public and alumni. In sincerely believe my experiences as a true child advocate will bring credibility as we turn the page into the next chapter for our University. I look forward to serving on the Board.

    (Jason Kutulakis – Ballot #7)

  • 3. Therese Boyd  |  April 4, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Thanks for providing this resource. I know about the two groups of three candidates but finding a information about everyone is difficult and really time-consuming. This will be a big help.

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  • […] 2014 BOT Election […]

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