More Campus Mail Memories

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In the Jan./Feb. issue, we asked readers to share memories of the mail they received in college. The feedback was many more letters than we were able to publish in “Sent With Love.” Here are just a few more memories (and mementos) about campus mail.


Barb Byers ’87 says that her father was a “prolific writer,” and she still treasures these handwritten notes from him.

My wife and I are from Johnstown, Pa. We met and started dating in the summer of 1966. Upon returning my sophomore year, we started writing letters. We each wrote a letter every day until graduation. I graduated in December and we married in January. We still have a few of those letters and are happily together after 47 years.
David C. Long ’69
Plano, Texas

I received a letter from a girl I had met during the summer of 1964. The letter was addressed as follows: Larry Husbands Penn State. Somehow it found its way to my mailbox in the dormitory.
Lawrence N Husbands ’68
Middlesex, N.J.

My roommate, Patty Lytle Samuelson ’72, received the most incredible moist sour cream coffee cakes every so often sent by her mom, Edie. When they came, we, of course, would enjoy some pieces and share some with friends, and then the cakes were hidden in our closet so that not too many girls on our floor got word about them!
Peggy Platt Myers ’72
Spring Mills, Pa.


Stephanie Swindle ’10 regularly received pretty cards from her Gaga [grandmother] and called them “little pink surprise” among boring bills and pizza ads.

Even as an only child, I am embarrassed by this mail during my freshman year: the small metal “laundry box” that I would send home full of dirty clothes and Mom would ship back clean and folded. Awful, but only in hindsight: It was a great help to a son away from home at something other than Scout camp. 
Dennis Malick ’60
Hilton Head, N.C.

During my freshman year in mid-February, I opened my mailbox in South Halls and a large rectangular box greeted me: a gigantic heart-shaped milk-chocolate Valentine from my mother. This delightful, most unexpected gift certainly brightened my spirits on that cold winter day.
Carol J. Robins ’66

Finding a “package” card in my mailbox was always so exciting. My mother soon became famous on the 4th floor of Cross Hall for her extra-yummy baking. Of course I always shared! My very favorite was the English toffee bars with juicy raisins and an excellent Penuche frosting on top.
Linda Brinsley Ebert ’61
Oklahoma City, Okla.

Do you remember a special delivery to your college address? Email us at or comment below.

Amy Downey, senior editor

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