A $25,000 Check for Grace Hayba

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Grace Hayba is a longtime fan of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She’s written into it for years, and earlier this month, her persistence paid off when she won $25,000. Hayba, a rising sophomore at Penn State, received tickets to the show but didn’t know she’d have the opportunity to compete in a trivia segment.

“I had absolutely no idea that we were gonna end up meeting [DeGeneres] and talking to her,” Hayba said. “And playing ‘Know or Go’ was a total shock.

“All three of us were just under the assumption that we were gonna just be there for the taping,” Hayba continued.

The premise of the game, called “Know or Go to College,” is simple: Three members of the audience are put on top of a platform and DeGeneres asks them questions. If they get their question right, they move on to the next round, but if they get it wrong, they are eliminated and dropped down a trap door. The questions are designed to be tricky, but Hayba got both of hers right: “If you’re not a freshman, junior, or senior in college, what are you?” and “A lot of college students pull an all-nighter studying, if I pull my biceps femoris while I whip/nae nae, what part of my body is that?”

After both of her opponents were eliminated, Hayba was the last woman standing. She celebrated for a moment, but DeGeneres told Hayba that she had to come down, and the only way was to go through the trap door. “We sold the ladder,” DeGeneres joked.

While she couldn’t disclose exactly what happens when DeGeneres presses the button, Hayba said it wasn’t too bad.

“That millisecond where the doors dropped and I disappeared was absolutely terrifying,” Hayba said. “But it wasn’t harmful or hurtful in any way.”

All of the money Hayba received will go toward her education. A broadcast journalism major, Hayba comes from a long line of Penn Staters, as both of her parents (Pamela ’70 and Daniel ’79), her sister (Erin ’05), and one of her brothers (Benjamin ’13) are all alumni.

Bill DiFilippo, online editor

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