Meet the Intern: Kelly Godzik

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Our intern captured this very cool angle of Jay-Z on stage—and the big screen—at his January concert, one of the many she’s attended as a student here.

We’re excited to have our spring semester intern, senior Kelly Godzik, introduce herself.

In May, I’m going to walk away from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a multitude of skills learned both in and out of the classroom. One of the skills I cultivated outside the classroom, which I hope I’ll be able to perfect in my career, is appearing cool alone at a concert.

Concerts are, in theory, meant for friends to attend together. People buy tickets in groups, outfits are coordinated, and libations are enjoyed pre-concert while listening to the artist’s songs on repeat. My experience with going to a concert alone is that people will look at you in bewilderment and ask if you want company. Of course, that’s until they find out you’re a reporter. In which case they think you are pretty neat and want to be interviewed.

I’ve attended more than 30 concerts at Penn State, and I’m happy to say all but a couple of those were attended alone as a reporter. I explored my passion in writing and music by becoming the music reporter at The Daily Collegian. I provided coverage and reviews of renowned artists in multiple genres like Carrie Underwood, Bassnectar, Jack Johnson, and Drake.

Oddly enough, I didn’t really realize until recently how much music meant to me and why I enjoy reporting on it so much. It hit me right in the face when I saw Jay-Z ‘s indescribable performance at the Bryce Jordan Center this month. No matter race, age, or gender, people came together to witness this show. We were all a part of an audience united by the spectacular fusion of sounds and visuals on stage. The concept of translating that electric energy and joy into an article and sharing it with others just keeps me going. My hope is that when I graduate, I’ll land an editorial job where I get to travel and write about shows and artists.

I’ve also experimented with other topics of reporting. This past summer I interned with Philadelphia magazine and wrote posts for their health and fitness blog, which taught me first-hand how online journalism operates these days. I also had the wonderful opportunity to focus on a subject that I was interested in but hadn’t had the chance to explore much before.

The beginning of my senior year, I wrote weekly opinion columns for the Collegian. This semester, I’m trying my hand at true fashion reporting as Style Guru intern for I enjoy reporting on fashion because I believe expression of individuality through attire is just as important as expression through actions.

We’ve actually come full circle because expression through attire is my secret to looking cool solo at a concert. Dressing according to genre helps express confidence, and others will automatically view you as knowing your stuff.  For example, if you’re going to see Jay-Z, you better bring your A game with some gold jewelry and all black attire. I got 99 problems, but looking bad isn’t one. In contrast, if you are going to see Carrie Underwood, you should wear all things sparkly and western.

Now that you have an idea of who I am, I hope you’ll follow along as I start my last journalism gig before graduating. As the newest intern at The Penn Stater, I aspire to work on editorial pieces that are arts-and-entertainment oriented, grow the magazine’s social media presence, and learn the details of magazine production.

Kelly Godzik, intern

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The Penn Stater Daily — Feb. 19, 2014 The Penn Stater Daily — Feb. 20, 2014

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