Gift from the Class of 2014: HUB Green Roof Terrace

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2014 Senior Class GiftInstead of one big willow tree, the Senior class will be giving a whole bunch of trees. And plants. And benches. Maybe even a bird house.

The HUB Green Roof Terrace ended up being the winner in voting for the senior class gift, announced this morning in Heritage Hall of the HUB, by the 2014 Senior Class Gift Committee and President Rodney Erickson.

The HUB Green Roof Terrace will be completed along with the HUB renovations currently taking place and will advance the sustainability effort on campus, including reducing the heat island effect that traditional roofs create, allowing for better management of storm water, and creating a new habitat for plants, birds, and insects, according to the Office of Annual Giving.

Gift development chair Devron Lovick, a senior majoring in economics and sociology, said this year’s gift is especially exciting because it blends the theme of sustainability along with the theme of the student experience: “With the terrace, we can leave our mark on the revolving hub of student life, both literally and figuratively.”

Communications chair Danae Blasso, a senior journalism major, added that the gift choice this year was “very student driven” and hopes that not only students, but also alumni will support this year’s gift and donate. “The HUB is such a big part of student life, so it’s great that the gift this year will be a part of the new wing.”

The Hintz family also hopes that students will pledge their donations to the gift and has consequently initiated the Hintz Challenge: If at least 3,000 students pledge, the Hintz family will donate a $50,000 Trustee Scholarship to the university.

The exact architectural plans for the terrace have not been made yet, but the 2014 Senior Gift committee will definitely be a part of the development, according to Geoff Hallett of the annual giving office.

As for the other two choices, some members of the committee were surprised that the Heritage Willow tree did not win, but also realized that the HUB terrace would also be a great place on campus to return to year after year, with their children, grandchildren, or even just by themselves.

As far as the endowment for Counseling and Psychological Services, the committee members said there was a lot of passion behind those who voted for that particular gift and hope that those voters take their voices to other organizations within the university to make it a reality.

The amount of funding the gift receives will determine the size of the terrace. As of now, it will be built on the roof of the new wing being built.

Maggie McGlinchy, intern

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