Meet Joe Jonas’ Right-Hand Man

June 23, 2011 at 6:15 pm 5 comments

Alumni Association members should be getting their copies of our July/August issue any day now. We’ve got a terrific cover story on Rosey Grier ’56 that includes a sidebar on other former Nittany Lions with interesting post-football careers. Among them is Jason Ganter ’07, a former safety and kick holder (and son of ex-player and coach Fran Ganter ’71) who essentially stumbled into his gig as right-hand man to Joe Jonas, frontman of the platinum-selling (and swoon-inducing) Jonas Brothers.


It’s a long story. We’ll let Jason tell it.

“Phil McIntyre, the manager of the Jonas Brothers, is from State College—he grew up with my older brothers. About 10 years ago, right before he was about to start at Penn State, he was working at the Jordan Center as a runner. Britney Spears’ tour came to town for a couple of days, and he busted his butt and impressed the right guy—Britney’s manager said, ‘We’d love to have you come on tour with us.’

“After two years of that, he wanted to try managing on his own. He signed a couple of small bands, and then one night when they were in New York, he heard about these three brothers. He heard them sing, walked out, called his mom and said, ‘I found the new Beatles.’ That was the Jonas Brothers. He signed them on the spot.

“Now it’s last August, the Jonas Brothers are this world-renowned enterprise, and their tour is playing in Hershey. I was just about to start grad school, doing my MBA at Penn State—I was actually in orientation that day, which happened to be the same day as Joe Jonas’ 21st birthday. Well, there are a bunch of State College guys working with Phil, including John Taylor, the band’s musical director, and they decided they’re going to take Joe out after the show for his first drink—and it’s not going to be in Hershey. They said, ‘We’re taking you back to State College, and we’re going to the Phyrst.’ And they did.

Joe Jonas (right) can't avoid the paparazzi. Now Ganter (left) can't, either.

“Well, my brother Chris ’05 is best friends with John Taylor, so they called Chris, and Chris called me and told me to come down. So I did, and I struck up a conversation with Phil. I guess I made an impression, because Phil called my brother the next day and said, ‘What’s Jason doing? I’m looking to get an executive assistant.’ And like I said, I was just about to start my MBA, but I talked to the people at Smeal about deferring, and they said, ‘You’ve gotta take this.’ The next day, I took the leap and moved out to L.A.

“I worked as Phil’s executive assistant until January. Then he brought me into his office and told me they wanted me to take the next step, which meant working with Joe as his point person with management and executive assistant. Basically, it means doing whatever I need to make his life easier.

“I’m with him almost 24/7 right now, and he can’t go out for a cup of coffee without paparazzi waiting for him. It’s crazy the amount of people who try to friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter now. But it’s been great. He’s got his first solo record coming out, and an international tour coming up—it’s exciting and a lot of fun. He’s a great boss. I don’t have a complaint in the world.”

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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