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Penn State Will Return To Rec Hall (Again)

(c) Annemarie Mountz

(c) Annemarie Mountz

The Nittany Lion basketball team’s 2015-16 non-conference schedule was released today, and it includes a pair of games in Rec Hall. The games will be on Dec. 10 and 12 against Canisius and Louisiana-Monroe, respectively. Penn State most recently played in its old home in 2013.

We’ve written pretty extensively about how spectacular of a venue Rec Hall was during its halcyon days—ESPN’s Jalen Rose has even gone as far as saying it was “easily the hardest place to play in the Big Ten,” according to Grantland’s Kirk Goldsberry ’99. The venue was at its best when the Bruce Parkhill-led Lions took on top-ranked Indiana in 1993, which you can read about right here. Hopefully we see this electric environment again soon.

Bill DiFilippo, online editor

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The Penn Stater Daily — Dec. 16, 2013

Your Monday sports wrap: The Nittany Lions’ “Return to Rec” game was a huge success in all but the final score, an 81-79 overtime loss Saturday to Princeton. The Tigers clawed back from a 20-point second-half deficit to dampen Penn State’s first game at Rec Hall since 1996. Still, it was a great afternoon for the fans who packed into the old barn—if you weren’t there, you can find a terrific bunch of photos from Mark Selders here. The women’s volleyball team enjoyed a more successful weekend on the road, beating Michigan State and long-time rival Stanford to guarantee a return to the NCAA Final Four. Penn State will face Washington on Thursday in Seattle for a chance to play in the national title game.

I thought the contrast in photos Onward State ran in back-to-back stories on the hoops and volleyball games was worth noting:


Also in action this weekend: The Lady Lions got back on track after a tough week with a 66-58 win over No. 20 Texas A&M, and the No. 2 wrestling team dominated No. 6 Ohio State, 31-6.

Making their case: At a pretrial hearing Tuesday in Harrisburg, attorneys for Graham Spanier, Tim Curley ’76, ’78g, and Gary Schultz ’71, ’75g will argue that the cases against them should be thrown out. At issue is the role of Cynthia Baldwin ’66, ’74g, the former university counsel, and the question of whether Baldwin was representing them or the university in front of a grand jury in 2010. You can read more here.

“Ready” or not? We knew the rumors were coming, and with Penn State’s football season over, we didn’t have to wait long. CBS Sports writer Jason La Canfora reported Sunday that, “according to pro and college sources,” Bill O’Brien is “ready” to return to the NFL. Is it true? Probably only O’Brien, his family, and his agent know for sure, but you can expect to hear much more on this over the coming weeks as NFL teams wrap up the regular season and prepare for the annual turnover in head coaching jobs. Stay tuned.

It’s finals week: The cold front that has smacked Happy Valley in recent days should make it easier for students to cuddle up with warm books and laptops for the next few days as they wrap up the fall semester with final exams. Student media has all sorts of finals-related coverage—much of it lighthearted, much of it NSFW, exactly—but this list of songs to get students through study sessions from the Daily Collegian’s “Finals Mag” is somewhat illuminating. Who knew they were listening to Dylan?

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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The Penn Stater Daily — Dec. 12, 2013

Ready for Rec Hall: Saturday marks the Nittany Lion basketball team’s long-awaited return to Rec Hall, the program’s home from 1929–96. Penn State faces Princeton in the “Return to Rec” game, which tips off Saturday at 2 p.m., and all but a handful of standing-room seats have been sold. Knowing what a sucker I am for cheap nostalgia, the folks over at the Penn State sports blog Black Shoes Diaries asked me to write about my memories of Rec Hall, where I had front-row seats in ’92-93 and ’93-94, which just happened to be the Lions’ first two seasons in the Big Ten. I was happy to oblige — you can read my BSD guest post here.

Mission to Mars: Rachel Worth, a PhD candidate in astronomy, is in the news for research findings that suggest the massive asteroid that scientists believe wiped out the dinosaurs might also have catapulted primitive life to Mars. As the lead author of a paper published in the journal Astrobiology, Worth writes that rocks big enough to support tiny life forms were likely ejected deep enough into space to reach Mars—and even the moons of Jupiter. (There’s apparently even a word, “panspermia,” to describe organisms that might hitchhike through space on such debris.) As Worth tells the BBC, “I’d be surprised if life hasn’t gotten to Mars.”

Kate the Great: Another day, another Penn State student-athlete recognized as the nation’s best. Today it’s Katie Slay, the senior middle hitter for the No. 2 women’s volleyball team, who has been honored as the Capital One Academic All-America of the Year. This honor comes just two days after all-Big Ten football player John Urschel ’12, ’13g was awarded the “academic Heisman.” Not too shabby. (Oh, and the women face Michigan State tomorrow night in the third round of the NCAA tournament. Good luck, Lions.)

Value for money: Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine has named Penn State one of its 100 Best Values in Public Colleges for 2013–14. The university comes in at No. 41 among public college values for out-of-state students and 53 for in-state students. The ratings consider admission rates, test scores, freshman retention rate, student-faculty ratios, and graduation rates, as well as cost criteria. You can find the complete list here.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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The Penn Stater Daily — Sept. 19, 2013

From news to features, your daily dose of everything Penn State.

A healthy decision: Penn State has reversed course on its plans to fine faculty and staff who don’t provide personal health information and submit to screenings as part of the university’s new wellness plan. The story had become national news in recent weeks as faculty members and outside health care experts weighed in; the university’s decision to suspend a $100 monthly fine for noncompliance with the plan made the front page of the Business section of Thursday’s New York Times.

Shining light on dark matter: A Penn State research team believes it has discovered the origins of genomic dark matter. The findings, (more…)

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Nittany Lion Basketball is Going Back to Rec Hall

For one night in December, the rims will be rocking again in Rec Hall.

photo-1It’s long been rumored (and long been lobbied for by those of us with a particularly strong connection to the place), and on Wednesday, it became official: The Nittany Lions will host Princeton on Saturday, Dec. 14, in the gym the program called home for nearly seven decades. The announcement was made by athletic director Dave Joyner ’72, ’76g, who was flanked in the Bryce Jordan Center media room by current Nittany Lion coach Patrick Chambers and by Bruce Parkhill, the man who led Penn State to some of its finest moments in Rec Hall.

The return to the old building has been a long time coming. Chambers said they’ve been working on it for at least a year, figuring out the logistics of playing a basketball game in a building that is no longer set up for hoops. That means a portable floor being brought in and set up in the days before the game, figuring out ticketing allotments, and the smaller but no less vital details—Will there be enough parking? Will there be enough bathrooms?—familiar to anyone who remembers packing into Rec Hall for basketball back in the day. But they figured it out, and for Chambers, the motivation was simple.

“We listened to our fans,” Chambers said. “We listened to our alums. We listened to our former players. We heard you.”

For guys like me—a front-row season-ticket holder for two seasons in the mid ’90s—the nostalgic pull of Rec Hall is obvious. It was great to see Parkhill, who was so terrific to talk to last year for our feature on the ‘93 Penn State-Indiana game, at the podium and clearly excited about the game. But the real treat is seeing how people with little or no connection to Rec Hall as a hoop venue are just as excited. Andrew Jones ’11, the former Nittany Lion big man who returned to the program in June to work as a graduate assistant (and who played all his home games in the BJC), tweeted “I still can’t believe this game is happening!!! Bittersweet but awesome nonetheless.” And current students like Maddy Pryor and Darnell Brady, members of the Nittany Nation student supporters section, were at Wednesday’s press conference to unveil the “Return to Rec” banners. They can’t wait.

Neither can I. Now if only I can get my old seats back in the front row…

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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More Memories of Indiana-Penn State Hoops

The Nittany Lion basketball team is in Bloomington on Wednesday to take on No. 7 Indiana, which I’ll use as another excuse to expand on our feature on the ’93 Indiana-Penn State game that appears in our January/February issue.

As I’ve mentioned, I was in the front row for that game, as I was for nearly every game during the ’92-93 and ’93-94 seasons. We were right across from the visitor’s bench, standing—always standing, of course—about 18 inches from the court. For much of the tape from that ’93 game, I can see myself and my friends jumping, yelling, and occasionally getting held back by a student auxiliary officer. (What, I was gonna run across the court and tackle Bobby Knight?) What I remember almost as clearly as that game is what my friends and I did afterward.

Back in Snyder Hall that night, my fellow front-row residents—Greg Galli ’96, Guy Licata ’96, Doug Schoenly ’96, Rob Scott ’96, and Chad Weihrauch ’97—and I were an emotional mess. We felt like we needed to do something, and we finally settled on writing a letter to Bruce Parkhill expressing our support. (As Parkhill made clear when we spoke last year, we were hardly the only ones—he still has the dozens of letters he received from around the country in the weeks after the game.) I don’t remember what we wrote, but I remember the handwritten reply, on Penn State basketball letterhead, that we received via campus mail a few days later.

Parkhill Letter

Pretty cool, huh?

But one of my favorite memories from this game is not actually my own. It comes from Loren Crispell ’00, who was a local eighth grader at the time and now works as the marketing manager for the Nittany Lion basketball program. I quote Loren in the story that appears in the magazine, but I didn’t have room to include this terrific story about how some of his friends ended up at the game:

I was born and raised in State College, and games at Rec Hall were events. Indiana coming to town was something that everybody had waited for. Everybody pointed to that game. You’d have the “General” in town, the history, all of it. That was something everybody anticipated from the moment we joined the Big Ten.

I went to Park Forest Middle School, and three or four of my friends got off the bus at school that morning and immediately turned and started walking toward campus. They were skipping school to go to Rec Hall. They went into the men’s room at Rec Hall, which was open then, and camped out all day in the stalls. They read magazines to pass the time, and they just waited. Once the doors opened for the game that night, they were in the building. To me, it just underscored how big that game was, how much people wanted to be part of that experience.

I remember I had a French test the next morning. My parents kept asking me if I was ready. I kept saying ‘Oui.’ Little did I know that game would occupy the whole night.

I’m pretty sure Loren’s out in Bloomington as I write this. Next time I see him, I’ll have to ask him how he did on that test.

Ryan Jones, senior editor

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For One Night, Basketball Was Back in Rec Hall

It wasn’t like I remembered, back when I was an undergrad and they played actual basketball games in Rec Hall. But walking into the old gym Wednesday night for Penn State’s Hoops Madness event, I still felt something like nostalgia.

It felt pretty good.

Hoops Madness worked on a couple of levels, reminding old guys like me what a great building Rec Hall was (and might still be, someday…) for basketball, while hyping up students for the upcoming Nittany and Lady Lions seasons. Not much is expected of the men this season, but there’s plenty of excitement about new head coach Patrick Chambers and his high-energy style. The women, meanwhile, enter the 2011-12 season as favorites for the Big Ten title.

On Wednesday, the teams came together in front of a few thousand fans in Rec Hall, (more…)

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